november 8, 2011, 10:27 am
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Gratulerer til Helge Jeppesen som vant bronsemedalje i Piobaireachd i London denne helgen! Første nordmann som har vunnet noe i sekkepipekonurranse?

Wohooo! Godt jobbet!


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Most certainly the first Norwegian born Highland Piper to win at competition. I’d love to know more details on this. Was it at the London C.L.A.S.P comp? What level? Tune? Ground or full piob? If there is a budding Piobairreachd movement in Norway then I’d love to be part that. Something I have only dreamt of until now. Bill Carr

Kommentar av Bill Carr

Hey Bill!
I don’t know much about this, but I’m sure Helge will only be pleased to tell you. I have been playing around with some Piobairreachd myself lately, but don’t know if anyone else is? Maybe worth finding out! I’d love to learn more about it though – I bought a lesson or two off the internett, but have yet to get through it properly! You big on the Piobairreachd, Bill?

Kommentar av Fru Jones

No I can’t call myself a Piob player. I have taken lessons off and on over the years and could play several grounds in the past as well as most (but by no means all) of the embellishments. Piob is so big and I hold it in such esteem that never wanted to show disrespect by only dabbling init. Since there is no established Piobaireachd scene in Norway I have not wanted to be a hack Piob player. On another note. Are there not enough pipers in Norway now to hold a solo piping competition? That would be something! 🙂


Kommentar av Bill Carr

The medal was won in Piobaireachd ground, grade 3.
The tune was The Little Spree. A nice tune with appropriate complexity for my grade.

I do play the whole tune, but the competition is tough, with many great players. It’s my second competition, and my teacher was excited om my behalf over getting a medal. The embellishments can be tricky, but it’s great fun to play piobaireachd!
There are some pipers in Norway, and some of them might be into Ceòl Mór. It would be fantastic to have a competition or gathering in Norway around piping. Both light and great music.

Kommentar av Helge Jeppesen

Det er Little Spree jeg har spilt litt på også, den er nydelig.

Kommentar av Fru Jones

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