Drum Workshop
mars 16, 2012, 7:53 am
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Vi får besøk av Scott Walsh, skarptrommer fra The House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band – «15 times winners of the RSPBA World Pipe Band Championships» i helgen. Han skal holde kurs både for nybegynnere og de mer avanserte.

Det vil være åpent for buekorpsgutter i Bergen i kveld, hvor de kan få lære litt om pipe band-tromming (ta kontakt med meg for mer info).

Også i morgen vil det være trommeworkshop med Scott og sekkepipeworkshop for oss sekkepiper, før vi skal ut og spille for St.Patricks-feiring på Finnegan’s i byen. Håper å se mange der!

Ha en finfin fredag!


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Great that you focus on the drum corps. Many bands treat their drummers as an accessory to the pipes when in fact they are the very heart of the music. I’d like to mention that I have a Pearl pipeband Snare Drum for sale. I acquired it for a local janistjar band who had been wanting one for a long time. When they finally got it the found it was way too loud and was not popular with the musicians. The drummers loved it though  So I am stuck with this drum, which is one year old and is the current model from Pearl. If anyone is interested in buying it for what it cost me than give me a shout. Bill (bill(at)

Kommentar av imakzrider

Yes, the drummers are as much a part of the band as the pipers! How much for the drum? I will ask the PM/DS! 🙂 I can see how it would be loud – but I’m sure it could have it’s uses in some janitjar arrangements too!

Kommentar av Fru Jones

There was a piece we were looking at playing together. Can’t remember the name but it had pipes, snare drum and wind instruments. They backed out. I paid £250 for the drum and then £75 postage from the UK plus a bit of tax. Total kr3500NOK,- but I have to sell it so I will probably have to take a loss. I think they cost about £700 new? Photo here:

🙂 Bill

Kommentar av imakzrider

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